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 Delivering quality seasoned hardwood logs and kindling in Berkshire, England.

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  LOGS LOGS LOGS! We've got plenty of seasoned logs ready to deliver.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs supplied and delivered in Berkshire.

Q: Do you want a reliable supplier of quality, seasoned logs delivered to your door?

Q: Would you like to pay LESS for MORE?

The answer is simple: We supply more quality logs for less.

Only 80.00 for a one cubic metre sack.

You could pay up to 130.00 for this with one of our local competitors!

With Berkshire Log and Kindling Co. you get a tightly packed one cubic metre sack for 80.00. We believe this is an unbeatable price.

Remember, our logs are Seasoned (Dry) and delivered to your doorstep FREE*

We also supply Net-bagged logs, ideal for flats, house boats and smaller limited use fires. Only 5.00 a Net - COLLECTION only from our Yard. Please phone for details and availability.

Need help to get your fire going? We can supply convenient kindling Bundles of perfect easy light, fast burn softwood to get your fire lit - fast.

Our Kindling nets are competitively priced at 5.00 each. Trade and Bulk orders are always welcome.

We also provide a log stacking service at the time we deliver your logs . A perfect stack every time with no mess left behind. Only 10.00. (per bag)

Click HERE for KINDLING in Berkshire

*Our logs are a mix of different density and weight seasoned logs (Seasoned logs will retain an average 15-20% moisture content. Unseasoned logs will have a considerably higher moisture content and therefore weight) Logs are loose loaded for delivery,  we strive to ensure that the weight delivered will be as close to that advertised and will, more than often be slightly more and never less. Free delivery is available on our minimum order and distance as stated on our 'Delivery' page.

Bulk and trade supply enquiries welcome.


We supply Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants.

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Telephone: 01189 343 176

e-mail enquiry@logs-kindling.co.uk  


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